Quick answers to the most common questions


How do I order?

To get started, visit either of our order pages to place an order. If you’d like to keep things simple, then start with one of our packages, and if you’d like something more tailored, then go with our a-la-carte option.

How much will it cost?

For our a-la-carte packages, breakfasts are priced at $15, Lunch and Dinner are $17.50 each. All carbohydrate portions cost $2.50 and desserts are priced at $6 each.

Our packages start from $150 for 5 Days x 2 Meals/Day. We have 4 package options that you may choose from to fit your needs.

When can I start?

All meal packages start on the next scheduled menu start, on a Monday, and never mid-week.


What time can I collect from?

Whilst we cannot guarantee a time our kitchen will deliver the meals to the gym, we aim to have all orders available for collection by 8 am. Orders are available for collection until 8 pm daily.

Public Holidays

Please note that on public holidays, you may collect meals from 8 am until 3 pm only. These timings are subject to change and we will inform you in advance should this be the case.

Do you deliver?

We currently don’t do deliveries ourselves, with so many reliable and economic food courier services covering all of Singapore, we would recommend using Grab Delivery for your orders.


How long do the meals last?

Meals last TWO days when refrigerated, and most meals can be frozen and stored for a longer time.

Fish/Seafood Meals – Special Care

If you are unable to collect (or arrange for delivery) your fish/seafood meals by our daily cutoff time (8 pm), these meals will not be kept overnight and disposed of at the end of the day.


Can you tell me my macronutrients?

All macronutrients are available on our menu page, as well as myfitnesspal under Eatup Singapore.

Can I alter the macronutrients?

Whilst the macronutrients of our meals are not customizable, they can be altered by choosing one of our many variants.